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Coach the Coaches Workshop 2024 Basel

International 2-Day Workshop for Coaches, Supervisors and Parents of Tennis Kids

26. - 27. October 2024 / Basel, Switzerland

The Tennis-Workshop will be conducted with simultaneous translation in German and English and is also available through live streaming

Jugendleistungssport - The Road to the Top!

The road to competitive sport is long and requires a lot of endurance and know-how from parents, coaches and those around the tennis athlete. Coaches from world class players and national associations will pass on their knowledge in the 2-day workshop in Basel.

The success of young athletes in competitive sports depends on many factors; but above all from the coaching staff and the talent's environment. The workshop speaks under 
others the following topics:

  • technical skills

  • Athletic aspects

  • Psychological aspects

  • Tactical attitude on the pitch

  • ethical aspects and the roles of parents, coaches and other people in the care team

Top international coaches will pass on their know-how and their tricks and tips.

Øivind Sorvald
Simone Bertino

In addition to the 2-day passes, 1-day passes are also available for October 26th or 27th, 2024. Swiss Indoors Basel final tickets can be purchased exclusively for participants at a greatly reduced price.


Live streaming will also be available again in German and English.

Register now for the workshop and secure your place.

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