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Swiss Indoors Basel

Swiss Indoors Basel
St. Jakobshalle Basel
St. Jakobs-Strasse 390
CH-4052 Basel

The workshop takes place in Basel in the St. Jakobshalle during the Swiss Indoors Basel, ATP 500 tournament. It will be held on IWB Court 1 on the last weekend of October, 26th - 27th, 2024. 
After the workshop, the participants have the opportunity to follow the finals or the final games in doubles and singles with a festive ceremony live in the center court.

Overview plan for the Coach the Coaches workshop


map registration e.png


Catering (coffee, break, lunch and dinner) is available in the launch and in the restaurant of the Eishalle St. Jakobs-Arena right behind the St. Jakobshalle next to the parking.

The path from the registration desk to the Eishalle is signposted.

The registration desk and the entrance to the Coach the Coaches Workshop are located on the opposite side of the main entrance to the Swiss Indoors Basel.

The path from the main entrance to the registration desk is signposted.

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